Otomo Yoshihide 大友良英 ‎– Memory Defacement / F.M.N. Sound Factory / 2LP

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Black LP for sound installation "Memory Defacement"
     A) Voice defacement 18:01
     B) Experimental defacement 15:42
recorded by Otomo April 1997 Tokyo

Clear LP from live performed "Memory Defacement"
     A) Live defacement 22:44
recorded by Noriya Maekawa (tag rag)
mixed by Tetsuya Kotani at OMEGA SOUND in Osaka
live at Xebec Hall on 14 June in Kobe

produce by Yoshihide Otomo
Limited edition of 500

"Memory defacement" is different from the performances and recordings I have done in the past. It is the project which shows the entire four stage-processes that took place in half a year. Releasing this double-vinyl is its last stage.

The first stage was to compose and record the sound resource for the black vinyl. I cracked a record, and based on the cracks I decided precisely where all the sound should be recorded; I put the collage sound in 87 spots with exactly the same timing on the A & B sides are different; I used a variety of music from the 20th century for the A side, and avant-grade music, especially electric sound, for the B side.

The second stage was to press 500 analog disks of the sound, and to play them continuously on 10 turntables for 3 weeks at Xebec Hall in Kobe. My initial plan was to use many more turntables and play the records for a longer period, so the songs of the 20th century and the various experiment recorded on the A & B sides would sink into the sea of scratch noise. Unfortunately, the plan did not reach that far and the records were not so damaged. Hopefully, you will play this record continuously until the fragments of this 20th century legacy return to sea of noise.

The third stage was to have the live performance at Xebec Hall using the original sound resources, and press it on the clear vinyl.

And at last 4th stage is to release the consumed black and clear one as a package to be distributed to the market so you can purchase. - 
Yoshihide Otomo Sep 24 1997