Hong Kong independent music label and cultural production house since 1989

Noise Asia


Noise Asia Ltd. is an independent record company based in Hong Kong, with its interest focuses on the publishing, distribution and promotion of all kinds of independent music around the world. 

Noise Asia Record是香港独立唱片公司,专注于对世界范围内的当代音乐的出版、发行和推广。

Dicksonia Music


Dicksonia Audio is Dickson Dee’s personal label and Dicksonia Music is a publishing house to hold his all music publishing with Noise Asia Ltd together, formed in 1992.

Dicksonia Music 是一家音樂版權公司專責Li Chin Sung, DJDee, Dickson Dee, PNF, ZenDee,i-water, SKD,WFDD, DJ & DD, Skybox…等音樂版權, Dicksonia Audio專責出版,成立於香港1992。

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