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2019 第六屆 爵士即兴音乐节 Jazz Improvise Meeting Festival 2019
-JIM Festival goes to the movies-

Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing

Christopher Chaplin -electronics
Alfred Harth - saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, keyboards, electronics
Ulrike Haage & Christian Meyer - pianist and electronic sound inventor
Rafał Mazur - guitar & electronics
Milosh Luczynski - audio-visual artist
Dickson Dee - sound artist, improviser

第六屆爵士即兴音乐节 - 序言

Jim Festival 留影

每一届我们都试图聚焦探索某个类型或者议题。电子音乐和前卫摇滚,爵士乐和即兴,实验性的微分音(Microtonality)都是我们曾经探讨过的主题,今年,我们将集中呈现影像与音乐的关系:goes to the movies。



这届出席的音乐家,钢琴手和作曲家Ulrike Haage和电子音乐家Christian Meyer,有着丰富的电影和广播剧配乐方面的经历,他们合作的专辑《Stills》,专辑名字取自电影工业里的剧照摄影(still photography),一张剧照可能引起你对一部电影的兴趣。藏在剧照背后的,也可能是某段音乐,那一刻或静寂,或悲伤,或者只是单纯的喜悦。

一个新的四重奏计划会出现在本届音乐节上,四位在各自领域的“领头人”(Master),组成了这个围绕影像、音乐、即兴作曲、框架作谱的计划。Christopher Chaplin是戏剧大师卓别林的儿子,成长于艺术家庭,他的音乐有大量的影像和古典文本的交织;Rafal Mazur是波兰即兴音乐圈的先锋与全才;VJ Milosh在往届音乐节已经展示了自己难以置信的沉浸式视像艺术创作的强大感染力。策展人之一的Dickson Dee,一直是音乐节的行动派和精神驱动。

Alfred 23 Harth肯定会为本届音乐节带来惊喜。难以描述他这些年在音乐创作和艺术领域的冒险与成就,他活跃在剧场,影像创作,也有多个不同乐队组合的创作计划。他合作的名单包括导演和当代音乐家,Heiner Goebbels,Lindsay Cooper,Sally Potter,Paul Bley,Phil Minton等等。

希望你能享受今年的节目。Looking forward to see you!

After concerts and workshops in different Chinese cities, we stay tuned in to our “homebases” Shenzhen, Guangzhou and one concert and workshop in Beijing as “steady rocks” of the JIM-Festival 2019.

Our last editions included excursions into Electronic music, Progressive Rock , Jazz, Improvisatiion and Microtonality, this year we will present a focus on film music.

We therefore invited some of the finest musicians composing for different film and audible genres and contexts.

The questions we were asking ourselves are: what importance does music have in the movies? Is it important for tension, silence, dramatic and poetic expression? Would movies nowadays be able to exist without music at all? We can also experience that music sometimes is only a bit more than a sound snippet, which we normally may not pay too much attention to. So you as the audience should listen to the sounds and get flown away or taken into the music.

This time following artists will take you on this musical trip: Pianist and composer Ulrike Haage with guitarist and electronic musician Christian Meyer, who both work constantly as composers for radio, movies and of course their own musical projects solo, duo or in bigger formats. Their latest CD is called “Stills” which is speaking of photo stills taken from a movie. One picture that is supposed to raise interest for a new movie. The pieces will therefore be a musical expression of a moment, which sometimes lies in silence, sometimes in sadness, sometimes in pure joy.

Additionally and to our greatest joy there is a new quartet by Christopher Chaplin, VJ Milosh, Rafal Mazur and Dickson Dee. This project will also show the interaction between moving pictures and music with instant composing, a frame composition and improvisation. Christopher Chaplin is an actor, composer and musician who concentrates on electronic compositions during the last years considering movie and opera elements for his works. Christopher grew up in an artistic family with his siblings being actors like him and actor extraordinaire Charlie Chaplin as his father. Rafal Mazur is a polish bassist who works in improvised music mainly. He collaborated with Francois Carrier, Agusti Fernandez, Raymond Strid and many others.

VJ Milosh has shown his incredible video installations last year already and is a much sought after Video artist, who has a long-term artistic relationship with spiritus rector Dickson Dee aka DJ Dee.

Last but not least there will be solo shows of Alfred 23 Harth. Difficult to tell about all his musical adventures he took in theatre, video, bands etc. His list of collaborations includes directors and musicians like Heiner Goebbels, Lindsay Cooper, Sally Potter, Paul Bley, Phil Minton, and many many more.

We, the team of the Jazz Improvise Meeting-Festival hope you will enjoy this years programme! Looking forward to see you!!

Shenzhen - Nanshan Culture and Sports Centre

Christopher Chaplin, Dickson Dee, Milosh, Mazur
13 November 2019 08:00 pm

Ulrike Haage, Christian Meyer, Alfred Harth
14 November 2019 08:00 pm

talk Chaplin and Dickson
15 November 2019

Guangzhou - Times Museum,
Times Rose Garden III, Huang Bian Bei Road, Bai Yun Avenue North, Guangzhou

Ulrike Haage, Christian Meyer
13 November 2019 07:30 pm

Christopher Chaplin, vj Milosh, Rafal Masur, Dickson Dee
14 November 2019 07:30 pm

Alfred Harth, concert and workshop
15 November 2019 07:30 pm

Beijing - Goethe Institut Peking Culture and Information
Originality Square 798 Art District, Beijing, China

Haage Meyer Workshop
17 November 2019 02:30 pm
Haage Meyer concert


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Fringe Festival Shenzhen
Times Museum
Goethe Institut Peking Culture and Information


33 Culture Center
Dunhua Shenzhen