Mars News Ensemble
Mars News Ensemble

World Première of Multi-media Musical Extravaganza

A journey of light and sound – a cultural and musical crossover

A highly anticipated musical epic

The artistic mission of Mars News Ensemble is to reach for the limits of what seems humanly possible – and then break them. Here, music and image, arrangements and improvisation, all come together for an electrifying experience full of surprises and fizzing creativity.

The show’s narrative is furnished by a music video, devised by renowned writer, poet and award-winning director Zhu Wen (Venice and Berlin film festivals), which straddles the genres of sci-fi, suspense, and comedy. However, the roles are played by musicians, who also provide live music. Add in a high level of interaction between players and audience and the result is a fascinating new audio-visual experience.

The trailblazing musicians comprise Mainland and international heavyweights, all keen to explore the future of humankind and reflect on the destiny of the Earth.

Mainland rock masters…

The Chinese line-up includes Zhang Chu, Wang Yong and Wang Fan. Zhang Chu, known as the “sad poet”, has moved countless fans with his subtle vocals. Wang Yong and Wang Fan have respectively worked on creating and developing fresh directions for contemporary Chinese ethnic music as well as underground sounds.

… and top international stars

Joining them are adventurous performers from Hong Kong, Japan and Europe. Dickson Dee, an active local experimental musician who often performs at major international arts festivals, is known for his freewheeling improvisations and boundary-breaking electronics. Maestro Yoshihiro Hanno, from Japan, has had a profound impact on electronic music in Europe and Asia. As seen in his collaborations with directors such as Hou Hsiao-Hsien (Flowers of Shanghai and Millennium Mambo) and Jia Zhangke (Platform), his style is in sync with the present production and is sure to have a mind-blowing effect. Swedish bass guitarist Jonas Hellborg has spanned the jazz and avant-garde music scenes for more than three decades, performing with John McLaughlin and Bill Laswell to open up new music horizons.

With such an awesome collective of musical talent, this promises to be an artistic voyage to make waves. So come on board and get ready to rock.


12-13.11.2010 / Fri – Sat / 8pm
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall
$340, 260, 180, 120
Some $180 and $120 seats may have restricted view
Approx 1 hour and 30 minutes without intermission


Vocals + Guitar: Zhang Chu
Guzheng: Wang Yong
Sounds: Wang Fan
Voice: Sainkho Namtcylak
Electronics: Yoshihiro Hanno (Japan)
Bass Guitar: Jonas Hellborg (Sweden)
Video + Film + Script: Zhu Wen
String Quartet: NEW Quartet
Concepts + Artistic Director + Electronics: Dickson Dee

Mars News Ensemble
group leader and producer: Dickson Dee

Noise Asia Production