The modern Day Flavours of Nainyin and Naamyam 南音味自慢 - Artsanp / New Vision Art Festival 2018
The modern Day Flavours of Nainyin and Naamyam 南音味自慢 - Artsanp / New Vision Art Festival 2018

Synthesised jam session of traditional sounds

Born in Fujian, experimental musician Dickson Dee grew up listening to the province’s serene millennium-old Quanzhou Nanyin music. After migrating to Hong Kong, he discovered the contrasting Cantonese “southern tone” of Naamyam, hailing from the Qing dynasty. For this cutting-edge concert, Dee and his synthesiser remix music of influential Quanzhou Nanyin performer Cai Yayi and Naamyam artist Chan Chi-kong from Chinese music ensemble The Gong Strikes One, with additional collaborative synergy provided on stage by transmedia artist Milosh Luczynski, dancer Terry Tsang and poet Chris Song.

電音達人李勁松生於福建,自幼受千年古樂泉州南音的薰陶,移居香港,發現始於清末的地水南音,但覺前者靜美,後者婉轉。因緣際會,他的聲音合成器將碰撞泉州南音傳承人蔡雅藝,和應「一才鑼鼓」陳志江的說唱南音,jam出不一般的色彩。此外,跨媒體藝術家米路什 ‧ 盧澄斯基(Milosh Luczynski)、舞者曾景輝和詩人宋子江也會同台,眾人大玩即興。

Sound.Electronic Music.Concept and Creation.Producer : Dickson Dee
Quanzhou Nanyin : Cai Yayi
Naamyam : Chan Chi-kong (The Gong Strikes One)
MOD.Multi-media : Milosh Luczynski
Dancer : Terry Tsang*
Poet : nChris Song
Production Manager : Sonia Chan (Noise Asia Production)
Assistant Producers : Kitty Li (Noise Asia Production), Jent Zheng (Cyberdelab)

*By kind permission of City Contemporary Dance Company

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Meet-the-artist session after the 2 November performance 


Kwai Tsing Theatre Black Box Theatre
2.11 (Fri)8pm
3.11 (Sat)2:30pm

Approx. 80 minutes

Sound equipment sponsored by Hong Kong Poetry Festival Foundation 


聲音.電子.概念與創作.監製 : 李勁松
泉州南音 : 蔡雅藝
說唱南音 : 陳志江(一才鑼鼓)
MOD.影像 : 米路什.盧澄斯基
舞者 : 曾景輝*
詩人 :宋子江
製作經理 : 陳秋紅(Noise Asia Production)
助理監製 : 李燕(Noise Asia Production)、鄭蔚(Cyberdelab)




2.11 (五)8pm
3.11 (六)2:30pm