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MQN 2 is a raw, randomness synth

Combines 3 lfo (square) send cv to a single oscillator with 3 frequencies tunes. 2 of 3 pass through a band pass filter and the cv of lfo's pass through the glide effect.
Each lfo output is mixed with external cv in.


  • 3 lfo
  • 1 oscillator (3 freq)
  • 2 band pass filter
  • Glide / Portamento
  • 3 cv in
  • 3 audio out

Current draw: 9 Volts (center positive)
Weight: 350g
Dimensions: 6cm (H) x 11,3cm (D) x 12,5 (W)

noted: price not included shipping.


SISMO MQN2 from Noise Asia on Vimeo.


SISMO MQN2 feat MQN1 from Noise Asia on Vimeo.


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