SISMO Twin-T - Analogue Synthesizer / SISMO / Synths

SISMO Twin-T - Analogue Synthesizer / SISMO / Synths

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The Sismo Twin-T is a low bass generator with built in eight step sequencer.

The oscillator based on a single transistor and some discrete components, creating by thermal noise a low frequencies sine waves.

Using the frequencies selector can obtain a multitude of percussive sounds and sub-basses.

Synchronize with any external analog device by clock and control internal sound generator by cv in.  (international)


  • Create powerful low deep bass line
  • Portable design in wood and acrylic
  • Sync by Clock, lead or follow the pitch
  • CV input and output 


  • Polyphony : monophonic
  • Oscillators : single sinewave oscillator
  • Control : cv in - out, sync in - out
  • Power source: 12 Volts (center positive) (Not included)
  • Weight: 600g
  • Dimensions: 10,5cm (H) x 13cm (D) x 13cm (W) 


  • Do not exceed a 15VDC wall wart
  • Make sure the wall wart has at least 300 to 1000mA capacity