Sang Jija - As If To Nothing 《那一年‧這一天》 / CCDC / DVD

Sang Jija - As If To Nothing 《那一年‧這一天》 / CCDC / DVD

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由中國舞壇炙手可熱的中國現代舞家桑吉加震撼舞台力作《那一年‧這一天》,以變化多端的舞蹈語彙、Dickson Dee 充滿力度與張力的現場電子音樂拼貼、冷銳簡潔的舞台、燈光及錄像設計,配合CCDC舞者絢麗的動作表演,尋找被時間摧毀的記憶,展現不妥協的品味,令人目不睱給﹗ 《那一年‧這一天》多次獲邀到海外巡演,更勇奪香港舞蹈年獎2010「傑出舞蹈製作」及「傑出編舞」兩大獎項,非同凡響﹗



As If To Nothing - DVD 

Acclaimed as "the most perfect dancer", Sang’s choreography combines extremely intense physical movement and unique rhythm to create psychological tension and anisotropy. As an internationally renowned choreographer, Sang has choreographed and performed for numerous well-known dance companies in Europe and Asia at their invitation. Having won two 2010 Hong Kong Dance Awards (“Outstanding Dance Production” and “Outstanding Achievement in Choreography”), the production was also invited to perform in Beijing, Guangzhou, Singapore and Florence. 

As If To Nothing examines the passage of time in the stream of memories. Enter the maze of déjà vu, trapped by our own memories. In every delicate moment, memories seem so close and yet so far. It is slowly swallowed by time. Struggling between remembering and forgetting scattered names, distorted faces, floating time, transforming scenes and familiar plots. What is left inside is emptiness. In this misplaced world, what is real? What is fake? 

As If To Nothing is an adrenaline-packed and interactive multimedia work featuring electronic music by Dickson Dee and video design by Adrian Yeung. 

Choreography and Set: Sang Jijia

Music: Dickson Dee

Original Lighting Design: Goh Boon Ann

Executive Lighting Design: Low Shee Hoe

Costume Design: Charfi Hung

Video: Adrian Yeung

all songs published by Dicksonia Music 2009