Tats Lau 劉以達 - Autumn Moon 秋月- OST / Sound Factory / CD

Tats Lau 劉以達 - Autumn Moon 秋月- OST / Sound Factory / CD


2.Spring Flower
3.Craole Song
4.Drifting I
5.Waste Youth
6.Drifting II
7.Autumn Moon
8.Drifting III
11.Journey to the Moon
12.Never Ending

Producer: Tats Lau
Co-Producer: Tommy Wai
Production Manager: Vivian Chan
Recording & Mixing Engineers: Tommy Wai, Wong Wai Wing, Tats Lau
Recording Studio: Mind of Music Studio, Red Cat Studio, Beijing Studio
Mastering Engineers: Francis Wai, Peterson Wong
Sonic Solution and Mastering Studio: Ultimate One
Cover Design: Alan Cheung the Fetur
Executive Producer: Henry Kwok, Dickson Dee

All songs are worked by TATs Lau and Tommy Wai(most songs, music and arrangement by Tats Lau, vocal by Paisley Woo.

Tats Lau: guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, fretless bass, Erhu, 三弦, 阮
Tommy Wai: keyboards, acoustic guitar, piano, 三弦

C+P 1994 Red Cat Entertainment, Sound Factory

C+P 1997 Red Cat Entertainment, Noise Asia Ltd

The Hong Kong edition released in 1994, the Taiwan version released in 1996(Phantom Records).