Bai Hua 柏樺 - Wind Says 風在說 / Simplified Chinese and English 简英 / Book

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Considered the central literary figure of the post-“Misty” poetry movement of the 1980s, Bai Hua was born in Chongqing in 1956. After graduating from the Guangzhou Foreign Languages Institute, he taught at various universities before starting work as an independent writer. His first book, Expression (1988), received immediate critical acclaim. A highly demanding writer, Bai Hua has composed only about ninety poems over the past thirty years, and from the late 1990s until 2007, he wrote no poetry at all. However, during this more than a decade of silence, he remained a prolific writer of prose and hybrid texts. Bai Hua has received the Rougang Poetry Award and the Anne Kao Poetry Prize.

FIONA SZE-LORRAIN is the author of Water the Moon (Marick, 2010) and translator of several poetry volumes by contemporary Chinese, French and American poets. She co-edited the anthology, Sky Lanterns (University of Hawai‘i Press; Manoa, 2012) and is an editor at Cerise Press and Vif éditions. She is also a zheng concertist. She lives in France.  

作者:Bai Hua 柏樺 Translated from Chinese by Fiona Sze-Lorrain
出版社: 中文大學出版社
出版日: 2012/11 中英
213 x 140 mm, 208 頁
ISBN: 978-962-996-548-8