PNF-1 (Cassette Comics) / TAPE

  • Ambient
  • Avantgarde
  • Book
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Field recording
  • Noise
  • Cassette + Digital Album

    this is PNF debut album released in 1995, its hand made tape+80 pages comics book(300dpi scan), each copy with a different hand-drawn score, 38 copies limited edition! still a few copies available!

    PNF -1
    聲音sounds: PNF
    漫畫comics: 浮游 (Float Group)


    1. 獨立影像的聲音和香蕉 Independent Image of Sound and Banana
    2. 鄧一無麗君所有 Teresa Teng meet Cuijian
    3. 音樂盒的火 Music Box Fire
    4. 112室的聲音 Sound of Room 112
    5. 97機場預算案 97 Airport Budget
    6. 崔眠曲 Lullaby
    7. 深圳一日遊#1 Shenzhen Day Trip # 1
    8. Bom Bom Ba 逃稅 Bom Bom Bom Tax Evasion
    9. 電神經 Electrical Nerve
    10. 5人愉快晚餐 5 People’s Happy Dinner
    11. 無聊 Boring
    12. x的樂趣 No x Fun
    13. 張保仔洞 Cheung Po Tsai Cave
    14. 扑咗喺街 Flutter Street


    1. YIN #5
    2. 深圳一日遊 #2 Shenzhen Day Trip#2
    3. 夢根 Root Dream
    4. 回鄉奇遇記 Homecoming Adventures
    5. 棄械取猫 Discard Weapon but Cats
    6. YIN #6
    7. 天安門廣場 Tiananmen Square
    8. 議員功能 Parliament Function
    9. See Off
    10. 炬炬 Zhang Ju
    11. Return

    送給Tributed to:YIN, Wong Jo Yin, 炬炬

    策劃Curated by:遠, 小璋, Dick

    PNF (Dick-turntables, guitar, bass, SH101, voice, metal  percussion, field recording, sampling, 阿全-voice, percussion. special guest -  雄仔- voice, synths, Edmond-voice, percussion, Ken-voice, Jimmy-voice )


    Produced, Mixing, Mastering by Dick

  • Recording in Sound Factory Studio with 8 track open reel recorder, all field recording collection between 1992-1995 from HK, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen.

    特別鳴謝漫畫參與者 眾“浮游”們 Comics:ON、遠、小璋、凌、超、ME、TONY、RED、齋佬

    特別鳴謝聲音參與者Voice Contributors:YIN(B1, B6), SONIA CHAN(B1, B6), JOHN ZORN(A7, B7), YAMAMTAKA EYE(A7, B7), 阿全(A10, A13, A14), OTOMO YOSHIHIDE(A10, A13), 天安門廣場遊人, LI CHIN SUNG(A7, A10, B7), CHINO SHUICHI(A10, A13), Henry (A10, B7),丁武(B10), 鄧麗君(A2), 崔健(A2), 暢懷法師和眾徒們(B9, B11)

    38 copies Limited Edition!

           all songs published by Dicksonia Music 1995